Lujain Ibrahim and I built Multiplicity, a digital curation on the impact of the internet on the lives and societies of young people globally, featuring designs by Tom and articles by some of the most brilliant people I know. I wrote a piece about this project here - we call it an "origin story".

Survival of the Best Fit

Survival of the Best Fit is an educational game on AI bias built with Jihyun Kim, Gabor Csapo, and Miha Klasinc. We received $25,000 funding and incredible support to build it from Mozilla's Creative Media Awards. (Try it out and let us know if you have feedback!)

Botball UAE

Throughout high school, I participated in Botball robotics competitions in Qatar, Austria, and the US. I'm really grateful that Botball trusted me to run a UAE branch. Founding and running an international robotics competition in Abu Dhabi my sophomore year was the most challenging task I've ever undertaken, but it was worth it when I saw the students freaking out over little robots. We had schools from UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman), Egypt, Oman, and Kuwait and great speakers.


I took a bunch of game programming classes and used them as an excuse to revisit my middle school hobby: low-poly 3D modelling. I added a few screenshots of games I co-built to the gallery, including a space simulation and an escape room, fun stuff.