Research Interest

Having studied computer and political science, my primary interest is in the relationship between the internet and political participation. More specifically, I am interested in political disinformation and computational propaganda (e.g. Twitter bots), the expression of political ideology on social media, and the influence of social media on political mobilization and social movements.


Sreenivasan Lab + Objects and Knowledge Lab: building web-based Psychology experiments and libraries of functions to aid Psychology researchers in building web-native experiments to assist the virtual transition caused by COVID-19.

Senior thesis: Built machine learning models to detect political ideology of text using Twitter network data, tested on online news articles and legislative bills.

Social Media & Political Participation Lab: Worked as a research assistant on research drawing the relationship between viewing tweets about the Women's March and the decision to participate.

NYUAD Applied Interactive Multimedia Lab: Worked with C# code and 3D models in 3DS Max to build VR + haptic dental simulations for NYU Dentistry.