I'm Alia, an Egyptian, Brooklyn-based creative technologist and NYU Politics PhD student. My research interests are in the political implications of online platforms and emerging technologies.

I build online interactive experiences about the impact of technology on society for broad audiences. These include Survival of the Best Fit, an educational game on AI bias built by Jihyun Kim, Miha Klasinc, and Gabor Csapo funded by a Mozilla Creative Media Award.

Alongside Lujain Ibrahim, I co-built Multiplicity, a curation of articles about the internet. As grantees of another Mozilla Creative Media Award, we're building "The Algorithm", a simulation that demystifies recommendation algorithms.

I love skateboarding 🛹, making playlists 🎶, and playing football ⚽.

For more info, you can check my LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me at alia.elkattan@nyu.edu or find me on Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and/or Bluesky.

recent projects